• Bonding

  • Have decay, a cavity,a chipped tooth, or even a gap or a stain you don't like? Bonding may be an option for you.

    At Monda & Weiss Family Dentistry bonding can be completed in a single visit.

    What is bonding?

    Cosmetic bonding is utilizing a tooth colored material and bonding it to the surface of your tooth. Different colored materials are used in each case to ensure that your goals are met. The material is placed on your tooth and carefully shaped by the dentist. A special light is then used to harden the material. .

    Does my tooth need bonded?

    If you have a tooth that has a small cavity, is chipped or misshapen, bonding can be used to fix your tooth. Bonding can also be used to cover and mask deep stains that brushing and whitening are unable to remove.

     Monda & Weiss Family Dentistry has been bonding teeth for many years to give patients beautiful smiles that they want and deserve, and protect them from further decay and damage. Cracked or chipped teeth can decay or break further if left untreated.

    How do I take care of a bonded tooth?

    To ensure that your newly bonded tooth looks great and works well for you, good oral hygiene and care are important.

    Regular Checkups

    The cosmetic bonding will last much longer if taken care of. While the material is strong, regular checkups every 6 months are very important to check for signs of wear and aging and to ensure no new problems arise. A weak tooth can jeopardize the health of the entire mouth if not taken care of.  

    Oral Hygiene

    After bonding, good oral hygiene is important, just as it was before, to the health of your entire mouth. Good hygiene prevents decay and cavities. Look for products with the ADA Seal of Acceptance and be sure to brush twice per day.


    Avoid foods that may cause discoloration to your bonded tooth, the bonding material, or surrounding teeth to ensure your smile looks great. It is also important for your oral health to have a healthy diet.

    If you think bonding is right for you come by our office in Bellevue, PA or give us a call at (412) 766-7532. We are ready at Monda & Weiss Family Dentistry to schedule an appointment for you and answer any questions you might have over the phone.

    Bonding might be just what you were looking for to get the smile you always wanted! 

    Monda and Weiss Family Dentistry is currently accepting patients from Bellevue, Ben Avon, Ross township, West View, Ingomar, Sewickley, North Hills and all other surrounding areas..